Booty Machine #233 - home of the daily improvised booty and machines - Fiddling in the rubadubFiddling in the rubadub
94 bpm

Z's orginal 3 bass grooves
Z1.Z2.Z3.Z1D0.Z1Z2D0.Z1Z3D0.Z1Z2Z3D0.Z2D0.Z2Z3D0.Z3D0.Z1D0 - 4964.77KB

Z1D0.Z1V1D0.Z1V1V2D0.Z1V2D0 - 1781KB

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Have you ever tried this. When Shelley got bored she tried it too. The pleasure was intense, a warmth she'd find one of her bests. Fiddling in the rubadub is one of the greates things one can hope for.
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