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The Bootymachine

The internet media has offered for years a creative set of tools beyond the traditional formalism of electronic publication, beyond the possibilities of print and hard copy, mixing diverse and apparently unrelated creative processes. This is a try at formally creating un unformal set of media related to each other by the randomness due to improvisation and the extreme number of variables of the production process. A mix of sound, pictures, digital and analogic signal treatment, code, logs, banners of advertisement and technical standards. More on this to come...

A unique live looping online experiment in music composition featuring a bass (Z), and a guitar (Vinston). More than ten years ago, Z had done the first one groove a day experimental composition podcast, today this goes one step further, for the fun of it. At a time where the internet and computers take more and more space in the music making process, wouldn't it be nice to bring back the real stuff without however completely negating these fantastic new tools? Every day of the year to come, Z will put down a groove using realtime effects, composed of three pileable bass lines, include a generic drum track and generic mastering using his computer, compile them into a four-track relatively systematic composition (the bass-o-matic) that will be published on the Internet as a podcast, for the world to listen. Each piece is related to a unique abstract piece of text and a unique picture. Each day Vinston will tie his moods to this and compose to grooves that work with Z's first line. Sometimes the publication process might be slow, but be patient, the groove is coming! And more is coming up! Cheers ;)
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